Episode 63: Behind the Scenes with Angela Wolf

This episode of facebook live features the Kate skirt, shirtdress sewalong updates,

Here are the topics on this episode:

Fitting the Kate skirt, particularly making sure the side seams hang straight and learn how to stabilize the zipper area with fusible interfacing.  The digital version is available immediately and the print version will ship on February 1st: use coupon KATE25 for 25% off (discount ends February 1, 2018)

The 2018 Events Calendar is up!  After taping season 15 of It’s Sew Easy TV in February, you can join Angela either in St. Louis or Albequerque.


Shirtdress Sewalong

New episodes of the shirtdress sewalong will launch every Saturday morning on youtube.  Subscribe to my YouTube channel and you will get a reminder the video is up.  I will also be having an It’s Sew Easy Marathon with episodes posting everyday starting January 28th – this should be fun!

Special’s of the Week:

Visit my facebook page to watch all the episodes and join our private sewing group to see what everyone is sewing! See you next week on facebook live at 1:30pm EST for a look at cutting on the bias with plaid.   (this blog may contain affiliate links)


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Great class for beginners or advanced!! I’ve been sewing for a very long time, but have always avoided knits. This class takes the fear out of sewing with knits. Loved all the tips for sewing with knits from cutting them out to sewing it up. Thanks Angela for sharing your time and knowledge with us.

Sharon Moore

Nothing but praises for this class!!

I’m not a beginner but got a lot of tips and tricks out of this course….it sure makes my life easier. There’s something for everybody…..i can now cut the right way, sew with no pins, handle slippery and curly light weight knits etc etc…..i just loved this course!!! I especially apriciate the fact that there are no brand specific stiches and stuff so you can just use any machine you have. I recommend this fantastic course for anyone who want to tackle knits! Thanks Angela for putting in so much time and effort into these videos!

Judith Van Hooijdonk

Essential is the right word

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