2018 Events

March 9 – 10  Heyde Sewing & Embroidery Event in St. Louis

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March 16 – 17  Ryan’s Sewing Event in Albequerque, NM

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June 7 – 9 Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Arlington, Texas

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September 27 – 29 Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Fredrickburg, VA

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Houston Quilt Festival with Allbrands

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November 15 – 17 Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Novi, MI

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Episode 82 Behind the Scenes How to Paint a Flower String Painting

Episode 82: Behind the Scenes with Angela Wolf Let's talk fancy pants!  Experiment painting flowers with string painting. There have been so many videos on this, I just had to try and it turned out awesome, at least in most cases.  Oh boy, this became a mess!   The...

Episode 81 Behind the Scenes | Embroidering and Embellishing Pant Legs

Episode 81 Behind the Scenes LIVE with Angela Wolf Let's Talk ... Embellishing pants! Learn tips for embroidering pants and jeans.  How to embroider on the outside of the leg, hooping options, and thread ideas.  Meet Janis Easter, she will join us live to...

Episode 80 Behind the Scenes

Episode 80 Behind the Scenes LIVE with Angela Wolf Let's talk ... Mother's Day Recap, Interview with Dawn and Myra from The Sewing Blab Duelling Designs, the results are in with the turtleneck upcycle into a boatneck top, announcing the AMAZING Brother...

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